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Trendy nail ideas for the New Year - Lucy Nails Spa

If it's not New Year's Eve, can you create a magnificent and stunning nail design?

Glitter, rhinestones, beads, gold and silver - all this will definitely decorate your fingers in the New Year 2019.


After all, the solemn mood, the magical atmosphere and the realization of the most cherished desires are connected with the celebration of the New Year.

And therefore, in the New Year you have to shine. An excellent evening outfit, exquisite hairstyle and excellent New Year's nail art should create a delightful look on New Year!

Simple ideas

Nails in shades of yellow and gold, brown, blue, snow white, wine and, of course, red will become fashionable.


You can perform wonderful New Year manicures in the usual way, such as gradient manicure, manicure with holes, "broken glass", "cat's eye", or kami fubuki design.

Do not forget about the delightful matte fingers with glossy and sparkling elements, as well as rubbing with various effects that make the New Year manicure attractive.

You are going to the Year End party - then pick up a concise nail design for the New Year with abstract and graphic elements. The New Year's manicure can be exciting with wonderful little animals and cartoon images that give lightness and coquetry to the new year nail art.


The popular novelty nail design for your fingers can be the charming "cosmic" pattern in monochromatic or multi-tone shades that allows you to create unique combinations for New Year's manicure. 


Velvet sand

The most interesting version of the New Year's manicure solution can be “velvet sand”, especially if you pick up a stunning shade of nails. "Velvet sand" is a powder or flock, which is quite often used in modern manicures. You can do it on a few fingers, giving them an accent, and covering the rest with a gloss. 


Kami Fubuki

A holiday on the nails, like nothing else, can create kami fubuki - multi-colored confetti. We offer you a megastyle New Year design with golden camouflage. To do this, choose gold-toned confetti: the entire size of the little finger will be effectively covered, they will help create strips along the fingers, or serve as a complement to any other nail designs.

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